During Your Stay at Haven Behavioral Hospital of Philadelphia

When you arrive at our hospital, our compassionate team of providers will do a comprehensive assessment to determine your unique care needs. Our doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers, and other professionals will work together to customize a treatment plan for you that will set the stage for long-term wellness.

Some of the major considerations we’ll assess include psychological conditions, behavioral problems, medical conditions, family dynamics, and vocational or supportive needs. You’ll be involved in all decision making, and we’ll also involve your family if possible. You’ll have a voice and a choice in your treatment plan, from the very first day of treatment through aftercare.

During treatment, you’ll be given a set of specific goals that come out of your assessment, and our team will offer the support you need to work toward achieving them. You’ll be provided with a detailed schedule each day that includes therapy sessions, meals, and other activities.

You won’t feel locked away in a sterile hospital. Our facility offers a warm and nurturing place to get back to yourself, with welcoming rooms and spacious common areas. Patient rooms are semi-private and include a private bathroom and individual storage space.

The hospital has a full-service cafeteria serving well-balanced meals. A registered dietitian can provide meal planning and consultations for special diets when necessary. Snacks and drinks are available on the unit.

We encourage ongoing communication with family members and loved ones during your stay, including phone calls and visits. We have designated visiting hours, but exceptions can be made for special requests.

We want you to know that you are not your illness. You’ll always be treated with respect, dignity, equality, and compassion for however long you are under our care.